grow food in your apartment

plant education

Learn about what the food you consume needs to grow.

food autonomy

Do you want to eat spicy sweet dragon carrots? Flavorful heirloom tomatoes? You choose.

waste reduction

People throw out buckets all the time. Ask your local bakery if you can have a pastry cream bucket for free.

A grow bucket kit has everything you need except the plant.

grow bucket anatomy

Bucket parts: Lights/fan, plant container, water reservoir.

bucket parts

Bucket anatomy: holes for lights and fan in top part, holes for air intake in plant container, bolt spacers in water reservoir to hold up plant container.

Get a grow bucket kit!


We are selling bucket kits for pick up in the San Francisco Mission for $50 plus tax. Fill out this form if you'd like to buy one.


I am dreaming of building an improved bucket that uses less power via LED lighting. Please subscribe below if you're interested! I also keep a project diary.

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